FRESH KISS beauty and hygiene products will give you ‘A Kiss Of Freshness’, all day every day!

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FRESH KISS gifts, beauty and hygiene products will make you feel fabulous!

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About Our Products

FRESH KISS products are designed to give you 'A Kiss Of Freshness' all day - every day.

We all run around everyday, at work at school, from the gym to social events and more. it is difficult to stay fresh and presentable during all these activities.

FRESH KISS has developed the beauty and hygiene product you need to feel confident, beautiful and full of life!

FRESH KISS product - Sweat Absorbent Underarm Liner - Lip Shaped, *Soft and gentle non-woven fabrics for delicate skin, *Absorptive layer, * Water-proof PE film, *Environment frienly glue & *Release paper - 7 pairs in a stunning white box.

You are entitled to cancel your order & return within 14 days and get your money back. Once return is received, your refund will be paid within 14 days. 

At FRESH KISS we aim to bring a new lease of life, 'A Kiss Of Freshness', to the beauty industry

We bring innovation and creativity to each of our products, starting with ideas like our unique sweat absorbent underarm liners, our soon to come moisturising wet wipes and more creative beauty and hygiene products.

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Interested to find our more about our brand, read the storybehind FRESH KISS. Unique. Comfortable. Effective.